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Navigation Teresa Faria is a very detail oriented and thorough owner of Honey Fix It. We had kitchen, bathroom, window and bedroom upgrades done by Honey Fix It. Teresa was on the job every day making sure that the work was done beyond our expectations. She is a very kind person and always gives customers the best of herself. After our interior work was completed, we contracted her to rebuild our deck. The project was huge after our entire deck was destroyed by tornado damage in June. Teresa gave the deck project her personal attention every day and made sure that her employees did a wonderful construction job. Our deck is now so beautiful, is up to township code and is guaranteed to last. Honey Fix It and Teresa are the best. - K

Teresa and her team of professionals do an excellent job! They take the time to help with design, planning, choice of materials and then see each project through to completion. We have used their services one the course of several years and have hired them to many projects: small and large. We highly recommend Honey Fix-It! - JC

We have used these contractors for 6 major jobs on our home. This includes upgrading insulation, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, home interior redecorating, window replacement and repair of study when ceiling collapsed. In each case the work has been first rate. The workers were fast, efficient, and unobtrusive. A couple jobs required some extension from the original proposal and these were discussed with us as soon as they were noticed and they prepared a number of options to address the issues. The prices were quite reasonable, and the work was completed on time in all cases but one when there was a delay in the delivery of custom kitchen cabinetry. The result was a two week delay but the cabinets were a perfect match to other cabinets in the kitchen and well worth waiting for. -

I have a 20 year old 3 bedroom home which I purchased 3 years ago. My new house needed updates! Teresa and her crew have been extremely helpful to me and my family. She is a remarkable person and I trust her. She and her workers have done many jobs for me over the 3 years and I am a very satisfied customer. The best is my retro kitchen which has given me a lot of joy. At one time one of the trims came off a little and Teresa had her worker back to fix it right away and no charge. They have installed hardwood floors, a new stairway, carpets, the kitchen, lights, my beautiful front walkway, a back patio and even done a lot of painting. It all looks really great. Last summer they did the painting on my exterior home and the neighbors just keep complimenting me. It really looks great. The workers are kind and clean and Teresa is always trying to figure out exactly what I want which is much appreciated. This company does a lot more than simple fix-it jobs. They can do a lot more. I am planning to update my bathroom and laundry room areas and I will be calling Honey Fix-It. -FM

Full rehab of powder room. New bathroom upstairs with addition of laundry area and a new wall into bedroom. Painting in bedroom, hall, stairway, living and dining rooms. Company was very professional and their work was of a very high quality. They were meticulous - no detail too small. Another reason to recommend them - they clean up after themselves! -BS

Honey Fix It has now completed several projects in my house. I have been very satisfied by the outcomes and impressed by the perfect execution. In particular, Teresa has a good eye to identify what’s needed and her recommendations were very much in line with my requests. Not only Teresa is perfectly up to date with all building regulations, but also her detailed technical expertise is obvious. In addition, I trust Teresa for her home decor advices. The execution of the work has always been to perfection. The team didn’t “cut corners” and exceeded my expectations. After trying several contractors, Honey Fix It clearly surpassed all the others. I will without any hesitations ask Honey Fit It to take care of my next home improvement project.  -C

We love all the work you’ve done for us!!! We can’t wait to enjoy the rest of summer on the deck and patio… Thanks so much!  - S&B

Teresa,  Your workers are very competent and courteous. They did a good job. I have another small job installing motion lights on front of my house to shine on front path and driveway. Let me know when you can do this.  - PB

Hi Teresa, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! The guys you sent were great! They were hard working, polite, took away all the wrappings, and even wanted to vacuum the working area, and you were so nice to make arrangements to have them here when the truck arrived. It all worked out really well, especially with it being so last minute. If there is any place I can make my pleasure with your business known or serve as a reference, please let me know. It is so rare in today's world to have such a nice, cooperative experience. We will definitely use your business again! - B 2/19/2009

Teresa,  Thank you for your prompt and quality service. Have a happy and healthy new year.  - F

Teresa,  The porch looks great. All the minor “punch list” items look like they were addressed. We love where you put the 5 on the top.  Additionally, we were shocked at our “new” garage. It was so clean – what a pleasure. We thank you and the crew for the amazing clean up, in addition to the construction work. Thanks again, -S&S

Thanks Teresa,  Your workers were fast and tidy. Thanks for your help. I am sure I will call again.  - A

Teresa,  As I said on the phone, the deck looks great! Thank you. - F

Dear Teresa, Thank you so much for your beautiful work, reasonable bill, and for completing this project so promptly. Our guests also thought it looked great. We will definitely call you for our next project! Thanks again! - D&G S  

Teresa,  The pergola looks beautiful! Thanks so much! - L 

Teresa:  Just a short note to thank you for the excellent job your company did in getting my basement back as it once was. Your company was a breath of fresh air compared to the last contractor.  From the time I met you to the conclusion of the project, I felt comfortable and confident in your company’s workmanship and ability. It all starts with your employees and I can assure you the three gentleman you had on my project were first class.  Alex, Juan and Enio worked tirelessly as a team the last three plus weeks. They were prompt, polite, considerate, and did fantastic work. If you ever need to use me as a reference, please have a prospective client call me. I will explain the magnitude of the job you took on and how you restored my basement back to the finished basement I once remembered. The quality of your workmanship is unmatched. Thank you so much! - RD  

Teresa,  Thank you for a great job! Best wishes,  - D 10/19/10 

Teresa,  Please send me a final bill for the touch up painting to submit to my carpet installers. Your work was beautiful, please feel free to use me as a reference.  - C.B

Dear Teresa,  I love my house, thank you for all your wonderful work. You mentioned that you were a connoisseur of beer. I love champagne. Thought you might like to try a special champagne for a change of space on a hot summer’s night.  - C.B

Thank you very much for taking care of the weeds and the building. The young lady did an excellent job. Thank you again!! - D.R

Teresa,  Thank You, Greetings to Sergio and his helper (I forget his name). Waiting for the rain to test my gutter!  - M.A 5/30/06  Thanks again, Teresa; and much appreciation to Kevin and Shawn. Do stop by when its convenient for you to see their handiwork! Blessings,  - D&M 

Thanks for the update. We have asphalt shingles on the roof (brown tones if that makes a difference) I’m in all day if you need me. By the way, I’m very impressed with you and your company’s service. Always very prompt and courteous. Your communication efforts are excellent and much appreciated. I always feel informed of where you are with the job. It’s very refreshing to receive this kind of service. Thanks - JW 

Thank you. I will be sending out the check today. Thank you for your hard work. I really do like it, I was just having a hard time with the boards, (Now I know what a bull nose is). Thank you again. - MW

Dear Teresa,  Great Job, Thank you so much - SC 

Dear Teresa, Thank you for helping me solve many problems around the house. It’s very comforting to me to have someone I can call to me through those times when thing break down around here. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year - MM

Thanks again for such a good job well done.  - P

Dear Teresa,  Thanks! Great Work! We’ll be in touch in the future! P.S It’s good to have found someone we can trust! - S 

Thank You Teresa,  Regards to your workers too. Put us on the top of your spring list. God bless you  -

Your dad and Teresa are exceptional people. They really are, and set a great example for you to follow. I have a lot of respect for their positive attitude, strong work ethic, pride, character, sincerity and integrity. They’ve got heart, brains, ambition and warmth of personality. If you can develop half those things in life I think you’re a sure bet to become a winner. You’re certainly off to a good start from what I can see.  - T

Some of the thank you notes and testimonials we have received over the years!

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